I love music that plays somewhere in that glitterball-lit realm between disco, house, dub, funk, rock 'n roll, and pop. This site will host mixes I've made and songs I like that dance across the genres. Let me know what you think. And if you've got a party or night you'd like moving to this sound, drop me a line on rorychallands (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Budget Airline Mix

Making a mix can be tricky. Sometimes you want to go somewhere with it, but it takes you elsewhere. A bit like a budget airline. Actually this one went pretty much where I wanted it to, and I didn't find myself miles off-course with a heavy bag and a pocket full of the wrong money.

There's something I love about familiar old songs tweaked slightly for a more danceable mood. There are a few examples here: The wonderful Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve reworking of Roscoe by Midlake, Todd Terje's subtle oomph to America's psychedelic Horse With No Name, and the Cousin Cole treatment of The Boss. But there's plenty of disco ball here too. Every Dub by the Sunburst Band builds and builds until it literally bursts into sunshine, and Aeroplane use Kathy Diamond's slinky voice to such good effect on Whispers that I don't think they've bettered it yet. Cabin crew, seats for landing.

Midlake: Roscoe (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Mix), America: Horse With No Shame (Wade Nichols Edit), Boat Club: Warmer Climes, Gameplay: Beirut Disco, Lykke Li: Little Bit, Bruce Springsteen: I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire Remix), Sunburst Band: Every Dub, Beats International: Dub Be Good To Me, Eric B & Rakim: I Know You've Got Soul, Chic: I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit), Aeroplane feat. Kathy Diamond: Whispers, Prinzhorn Dance School: You Are The Space Invader (Optimo Espacio Mix), Charles B: Lack Of Love (Club Mix), Cut Copy: Lights & Music, New Order: Temptation (Secret Machines Mix)



alexmails said...

I have to say, that this is one of my favourite mixes ever. Pure listening pleasure again and again and again.

Burningman 2008 and the 2000 miles of RV driving wouldn't have been the same without the Budget Airline mix.

The Milky Bar Kid said...

Cheers Busta. That's the sort of feedback I love! Glad to be of musical service. Stay frosty for more.

Toby Sawday said...

What a mix! Brilliant introductions to tunes I've never heard - I'm in danger of ruining them by overplaying. Everyone I've passed it on to feels the same... thanks! Keep 'em coming.


The Milky Bar Kid said...

Thanks Toby! What a heart warming accolade. So glad you like it.