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Stand On The Word

Sorry for the hiatus. I've been dicking about in foreign climes, and starting a new job, so posting music took a back seat for a bit. But I'm returning with two treatments of some Holy goodness.

I grew up in a totally godless house, so my exposure to religious music really only goes as far as a few dirgey hymns sung at school. Maybe if a bit more gospel had been thrown my way I'd have more of the spirit in me than I currently do. Sadly the plodding melodies and tempi of most Anglican musical worship was not ever going to inspire faith in this hoary heart.

So, the recounted history of Stand On The Word goes as follows. It was recorded in a church in Crown Heights, NYC, back in 1982 - but only for distribution among the congregation. A copy got into the hands of super producer (and born-again Christian) Walter Gibbons, who started playing it at his nearby record shop. This was where many of New York's finest DJs went to hang out and get their music, and soon it was being hammered in the Paradise Garage, Zanzibar, and the Loft. Thus an unlikely underground club classic was born.

Here's two versions for you; Larry Levan's early 80s disco remix, and a much newer edit from Manchester's the Unabombers. Both are fantastic, and get this otherwise committed heathen wondering if there are any benefits in putting cold rationality in the dustbin - and just believing.



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