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The Charmed Snake

Sometimes when a musician is on a winning streak you've got to assume there's some sort of supernatural shit going on. In the 1920s the blues guitarist Robert Johnson was rumoured to have sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads in return for his fiendish talent. I suspect Tensnake might have made some similar Faustian pact.

I've already posted from his most recent EP with the dancefloor monster, Coma Cat. And I've used a couple more of his tracks in mixes that I've made. Let's say I think the fella's got some chops. He just doesn't do lacklustre.

So his latest creation isn't out yet, and can't actually be heard in full form. But the available snippet shows this particular snake's charm goes on giving.

He's taken last year's camp house bomb Reckless With Your Love by Azari & III and alchemised it into a stadium dance smash that would fit perfectly into a Now That's What I Call Music compilation from 1989. That's a good thing.

I can hear Soul II Soul in there. There's definitely some of Snap's The Power... and maybe some Pet Shot Boys too. It's got cowbell. It's got uplifting piano chords. It's got an early house bass line. For the love of all that's holy, there are even airhorns in there! This will be waaaay too cheesy for the purists, but they never have any fun.

Basically the tune could end up totally owning your summer. I just hope Tensnake still owns his soul.


James said...

Rozzle you old raver. This is far too fun for me. I'm planning on spending Glastonbury in a dark tent listening to Joy Orbison and trying to find a danceable beat.

The Milky Bar Kid said...

You enjoy that, dude. I'll be at the 'Back to the Old Skool' stage wearing a dust mask soaked in poppers.