I love music that plays somewhere in that glitterball-lit realm between disco, house, dub, funk, rock 'n roll, and pop. This site will host mixes I've made and songs I like that dance across the genres. Let me know what you think. And if you've got a party or night you'd like moving to this sound, drop me a line on rorychallands (at) gmail (dot) com.

Get Feety

You see that little fleck of colour on the end of the big toenail? That's the last of the lurid pink toenail paint I had on for Burning Man 2010. This mix is in memoriam for its passing. It's a fitting tribute.

Now, it has been remarked on that maybe I don't wash my feet enough. I say 'pah!' to that. First of all that nail varnish was so indestructible I could have sandblasted my feet and it wouldn't have done diddley squat. Secondly, every time I've glanced down at those toes for the past 6 months I've been given a glorious reminder of my high jinks in the desert.

Dancing under the setting sun, the warmth and wonder of the Head Space crew, the new recruits, the wild and weird natives, the amazing food cooked by Wiley, bumpy bike rides across the arid lansdscape, the Jalapeno tequila, and the jaw-dropping spectacle of the Playa by night. All that was instantly evoked by a glimpse of a slightly embarrassing pink toenail.

So here's the Get Feety Mix.


1. Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side (Holtoug Bootleg), 2. Space Dimension Controller - BBD Alignment, 3. Visions Of Trees - She's My Girl, 4. Azari & III - Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix), 5. Curtis Mayfield - Love Me (Hunee Edit), 6. Hankat - Be The First (Flip & Simioni Remix), 7. !!! - Steady As The Sidewalk Cracks (Tim Goldsworthy Remix), 8. Joakim - Spiders (Ewan Pearson Remix), 9. De Signer - Suicide Girl (Crazy P Remix), 10. KZA - Goody Goody, 11. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams, 12. Four Tet - Pinnacles, 13. Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn - It's The Music (Alden Tyrell Remix), 14. Egyptrixx - Chrysalis Records

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